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We do what we promise to do and expect the same from our candidates.


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Our value proposal is to offer you only the best clients in the market. Your time matters.

Our satisfied talents


“I want to tell you that it has been a real pleasure to lead this process with excellent recruiters like yourselves, as well as to thank you for all your support during the process.”


“I found your work flawless. You are the first recruiters I have seen who accompany the applicant throughout the process, giving tips and recommendations on how to approach the interviews. It really counts a lot!”


“It was very helpful to have you all sharing some insights into what the customer expects at each stage of their own process outside of what the technical expertise is. I congratulate you on a successful search.”


“Honestly, I felt pretty comfortable. The tips you gave me were useful and I tried to ask a lot of questions in the interview. Thank you very much!”


“Recruiting Skull is a must-have on your speed dial as a Software Engineer. They have already hired me twice. First for a blockchain startup and this time for a mid-size company. During both recruiting processes, they empowered my candidacy by sharing very useful insights for each step of the process. With them, you forget about “black box” interviews where you don’t know what to expect. Thank you guys!”

Brian A.

How is our hiring process?


This is the first step to know each other. Will help us understand what YOU are looking for.

(20-30 min)

Multiple Choice Technical Tests

We want to highlight your strongest technical stack to increase your value and chances of success.

(1 hour)

Presentation to
the client

Interview directly with the client to evaluate whether they are a fit for you and you are a fit for them.

(2-4 client interviews are standard in the US/EU Market)

Get a great offer
from us

We won’t make you lose time if we know that we can’t afford you as a professional.

Again, transparency is the key when recruiting.


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